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Film & Media Info

Bossier City welcomes the film and media industry to our city! Bossier City and Northwest Louisiana are the perfect place for your next production. You'll find a little of everything here, from swamps and cypress trees to antebellum plantations to a modern skyline with casinos and high-rise office buildings. Our people are friendly and always eager to help. Our great weather and excellent locations makes filming possible year-round without any interruptions.

We all recognize that keeping the film and media productions in the Bossier City - Shreveport area is very important to the local and state's economy. Bossier City is dedicated and on standby to give your production every possible assistance to make your project a success!

With the attached links that are listed on this site, we have collected a number of potential locations and posted them to these sites for your use. These potential sites represent a whole range of possible locations to include our beautiful parks and rivers, homes that are pre-approved for filming, downtown buildings, and dilapidated warehouses.

For more information about locations, permitting, and any assistance with your project, please contact Pam Glorioso, Chief Administrative Officer and Certified Film Commissioner at (318) 741-8503 or

Thanks again for considering the Bossier City - Shreveport area for your next location.



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