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Metropolitan Planning Commission

Operating with a six person staff, the MPC Office processes over 500 Certificates of Occupancy, approves over 1,000 building permits and reviews over 250 MPC and BOA applications. In addition, the MPC Staff is responsible for ensuring that zoning enforcement efforts are fair and consistent.

The MPC Office also reviews building permits for compliance to the Unified Development Code In addition, Certificates of Occupancy (C-O) are routed to permits and inspections and issued by the MPC Office. A C-O must be issued before new businesses can obtain an Occupational License from the City of Bossier Tax Department.

The Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) is located on the second floor of Bossier City Hall at 620 Benton Road. Applications for annexation, zoning changes, plat approval, plan unit development, temporary use, conditional use, special exception use and variances are available for printout directly from this site.


The Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) was established by Act 189 of 1954 of the Louisiana Legislature and authorized by the City of Bossier City and Bossier Parish to provide for comprehensive planning and orderly development in the City of Bossier City and the unincorporated part of Bossier Parish lying within five miles of the City.

The MPCs mission is to provide land use management, planning and development services to protect the rights of residents and businesses choosing to locate in Bossier; to ensure public safety, health and welfare; to establish standards which are clearly communicated and consistently enforced; to preserve and enhance property values; to provide a positive climate for growth; to enhance the quality of life of area residents; to provide a public forum for thorough examination of development-related impacts; and to serve as a catalyst for broad-based community, business and public sector involvement in the planning process.


The first Zoning Ordinance for Bossier was established in 1958. The MPC is currently operating under the Unified Development Code, Ordinance #126 of 2003 in the City of Bossier City and No. 3908 of 2003 in Bossier Parish.

A Master Plan for the planning limits was last adopted in 2002. The new Bossier Comprehensive Land Use and Development Master Plan will serve as a guide for development for policy decisions relating to the physical growth and economic development of Bossier City and portions of the parish located in the MPC jurisdiction.



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Contact Us

Metropolitan Planning Commission
Municipal Complex
620 Benton Rd
P.O. Box 5337
Bossier City, LA 71171-5337
Phone: 318.741.8824
Fax: 318.741.8827

Sam Marsiglia, Director
Carlotta Askew-Brown, MPC Planner
Adolph Young, Zoning Administrator Supervisor
David Davis, Zoning Inspector

Office Hours M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm