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PUBLIC WORKS: Laborer I (Street Sweeping & Grass Cutting Crew)
Created: January 30, 2009 03:34 PM    
Modified: August 2, 2017 01:43 PM

POSITION TITLE:   Laborer I   (Street Sweeping & Grass Cutting Crew)




DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  Under immediate supervision, is responsible for work of routine nature in performing manual labor.  Performs manual tasks involving the maintenance and cleaning of ditches, sewer lines, streets and storm drains; digs and fills holes with pick and shovel; repairs drain boxes and sewer pipes by mixing cement; constructs sewer taps; sets up barricades, flares, or lights; patches asphalt, concrete, and gravel streets; digs and cuts ditches to grade; installs pipes in ditches; may serve as relief truck driver; uses push tools and equipment as pick, shovel asphalt, rake air hammer, and brooms.  Sweeps streets, sidewalks, and gutters; loads and unloads trucks; cleans catch basins.  Patches streets and alleys; mows lawns, using hand or power mower; plants and removes trees; cleans grounds, and assists in the care of shrubs, flowers, and grass.  Digs and backfills ditches, trenches, and post holes, using hand tools.  Maintains and lubricates sewage pumps; operates sewer cleaning machines; operates pumps and filters at a public swimming pool.  Hoists materials and tools.  Performs related work as required.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Some knowledge of standard hand tools.  Ability to understand and follow oral instructions.  Ability to lift and move heavy objects and to perform heavy physical work under varying weather conditions.


EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  No previous training or experience required.  Physical stamina; manual dexterity; eye-hand-foot coordination; and ability and willingness to follow instructions.


HOW TO APPLY: City of Bossier emplyment applications will be used. Submit applications to the Human Resources Department.