Lost Pet Information

The Animal Control Division (Animal Control) collects animals by various methods. All animals will be treated humanely, will be provided with the best living conditions possible within available resources, will be given the best chance for adoptions and if necessary, euthanized according to generally accepted practice. Every effort will be made to reunite owners and animals if enough information exists to do so.

Stray Animals

Stray animals are many animals found lose or not under the immediate control of competent person or owner.


Animals will be taken to Animal Control. Upon arrival the animal will be checked for identification by the following:
  • Micro Chip
  • Name tag
  • Rabies tag
  • Tattoo
If the animal has any type of identification, Animal Control will make every reasonable effort to notify the owner.

Picking Up Your Lost Pet

The owner shall be entitled to resume possession of animal collected by Animal Control upon payment of all required fees made within 72 hours of notification by Animal Control, exclusive of weekends and holidays. At this time, the owner may be issued a warning of violation or upon third offense, will be issued a citation.

If no claim is made on an animal after 72 hours of notification by Animal Control, exclusive of weekends and legal holidays, Animal Control may dispose of an animal by adoption or euthanization.

The above procedures will also apply to abandoned animals. Abandoned animals may not be redeemed unless situations have been corrected and approved by Animal Control.


Redemption and Board Fees for Dogs and Cats
  • Boarding Fee, per day: $10.00
  • Redemption Fee: 
    Altered: $25.00
    Unaltered: $50.00
Vaccinated, not wearing current tag:
  • Boarding Fee, per day: $10.00
  • Redemption Fee:
    Altered: $30.00
    Unaltered: $60.00
  • Boarding Fee, per day: $10.00
  • Redemption Fee: 
    Altered: $35.00
    Unaltered: $70.00
  • Vaccination fee, given back in the form of voucher:  $20.00
 Plus: Following fees for additional impounds occurring within 365 days of the first impoundment for dogs and cats
  • Second Impoundment:
    Altered: $50.00
    Unaltered: $75.00
  • 3rd Impoundment:
    Altered: $100.00
    Unaltered: $150.00
NOTE:  The owner of any animal which has been impounded for the third time, shall surrender the animal to the ACD. The owner may have the option of spaying or neutering the animal, in lieu of surrendering the animal to the animal control unit. If the animal is impounded for a fourth time, the animal will be surrendered to the ACD. Once the animal has been surrendered, the owner can request a period of ten days to file an appeal. The animal will remain impounded at the ACD until such time as the Bossier City Council hears and decides the appeal of the owner.


Unvaccinated animals must be vaccinated within three working days of the redemption date. Animal Control will collect the animal for an additional holding period if this is not met. For an animal to be redeemed for the second time, fees will be paid and the animal will be transported to the veterinarian by Animal Control for shots before being released.