Rescue Partner Information

Becoming a Rescue Partner – Qualifications & Application Process 

Eligibility requirements of animal rescue organizations to become an adoption/rescue partner with 
Bossier City Animal Services are:

  1. Be a non-profit animal rescue organization as defined in Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and/or a fully licensed and monitored no-kill shelter.
  2. Operate for the purpose of promoting animal adoption.
  3. Comply with all laws and have no violations, criminal or administrative, and maintain a good public reputation.
  4. Be in good standing with your veterinary reference (must be a licensed DVM used in the prior 6 mos).
  5. Have a positive, upbeat attitude and communication history, including other shelters/rescues worked with.

The application process is very simple and has easy to follow guidelines:

  1. Complete the Rescue Application Form. For current application forms, contact the shelter at  (318) 741-8499 or email
  2. Include a copy of your group’s Letter of Determination from the IRS that identifies your group as a 501c3 Federal non-profit organization.
  3. Fax completed copies to (318) 741-8494 or email
  • Completed applications will be reviewed and notified within 3 business days.

Rescue Partner Responsibilities 

In an effort for the Rescue Partner program to work as effectively and as efficiently as possible, BCAS has the following expectations of all Rescue Partners:

  1. Work cooperatively with BCAS and maintain positive and open communications in person, via telephone or email, and on all pages of social media websites.
  2. Provide updates as needed on changes with the group’s authorized representatives.
  3. Provide documentation that animals are spayed or neutered within the agreed upon timeframe listed on the Acknowledgment, Release and Promise Agreement, AND prior to transfer to another rescue group or individual.
  4. Provide animals a healthy, clean, and safe environment with proper nutrition, shelter and necessary and prompt medical care.
  5. Maintain accurate records of animals transferred from BCAS to the animal Rescue Partner.
  6. Provide promotional foster and adoption photos to be shared with grant and adoption partner companies, i.e. Best Friends Animal Society.

Rescue Transfer Process 

Animals available for adoption will be available to our rescue partners after 1 week adoptable. There are also animals available for rescue that are not available for public adoption due to health or behavioral issues. An approved representative who has identified an animal they wish to rescue, should fax a completed animal release form to (318) 741-8494 or email Rescues agree that if an animal is still on site at BCAS and an approved adopter is interested in the animal, that animal may be adopted instead. If the animal is adopted, BCAS will notify the rescue via email that the animal is no longer available.

For the current animal release form, contact the shelter at  (318) 741-8499 or email

Rescued Animal Pick Up 

The Rescue Group requesting and agreeing to take a specific animal(s) agrees to pick up the animal/(s) from BCAS by the end of the next business day from the time of approval. Please allow 24 hours for a response to requests for animals, and ensure that all pick up schedules are approved at least 24 hours prior to pick up. Please also call and email any pick up changes, such as who to expect for pick up, times, etc. A valid ID will be required and copied at time of pick up. Failure to follow through with the transfer of the animal(s) may result in denial of that and future transfers to the rescue group in violation, or any of its representatives. 

All transportation will be scheduled during normal business days and hours of operation, unless otherwise prearranged and approved by BCAS management. Special consideration may be made for out of state transports, but will not be guaranteed. No animals will be held for more than 72 hours waiting for transport. Animals tagged for transport out of state will be available for adoption until the health certificate has been completed. If the animal is not able to be transported as expected (for any reason, even if a health certificate was received) the animal will again be available for adoption until the next available transport. If the animal is at BCAS after the standard deadline, or any agreed upon extension, the animal will be available for adoption or rescue by anyone else interested.

Suspension or Revocation of Animal Rescue Partner 

This section is designed to inform our rescue partners that our intent is to work cooperatively together and ensure that the best interests of the animals are addressed. Transfer privileges can be suspended for a period of time or permanently revoked in the event a rescue partner falls short of adhering to the program requirements. 

The following are examples where a suspension or the permanent revoking of privileges to a rescue partner would be found:

  • Failure to provide proper care to all animals
  • Failure to send proper documentation to BCAS that states that the animal(s) were spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian  as stated in the Acknowledgment, Release and Promise Agreement .
  • Failure to comply with the Rescue/Adoption Partner guidelines stated in this document.

Thank You for Your Interest in becoming a Rescue Partner! 

BCAS continues to work at attracting reputable animal rescue partners who share in the common goal to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. Maintaining a healthy population of homeless animals during their stay at the BCAS is paramount to being able to transfer healthy animals to our adoption partners.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and passion with helping us help homeless and displaced animals get a second chance.

Rescue Partner Forms

Application and other forms for Rescue Partners