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Posted on: October 9, 2020

Bossier City Water Tower Wins People's Choice Tank of the Year

City Seal - Fancy

UPDATED - October 19, 2020

TNEMEC has announced the 2020 Tank of the Year People’s Choice award. Bossier City took the title! Thank you to everyone who voted and shared the link. 

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In the end, after nearly 300 water tanks were submitted to the contest and after two weeks of online voting, only one water tank could be named the People’s Choice. This year, that tank was Bossier City, Louisiana! With more than 6,000 votes, the stars-and-stripes-clad tank eked out a win against stiff competition, especially another popular tank in Destin, Florida, which ended up just a few hundred votes shy of the title.


Although the Bossier City tank has been named the People’s Choice, the contest is far from over. Our team of water tank enthusiast will now consider the Bossier City tank alongside 11 other committee-determined tanks to name the official 2020 Tank of the Year. The winning tank will be announced Friday, Oct. 23.

ORIGINAL RELEASE - Newly Painted Bossier City Water Tower Up For Tank of the Year - Cast Your Vote!!!

The newly painted City of Bossier City water tower is up for Tank of the Year by Tnemec Company, Inc.

The tank has already generated talk around town and on social media as a mark of hometown spirit.

Cast your vote for your favorite tank at

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