Solid Waste Division

Call 318-741-8461 for missed pickups.

The Solid Waste Division of Public Works was put in place to improve services to citizens which also manages the solid waste contract for pick-up services with Republic Services. The division also operates the Recycling Center, Drop-Off Station and performs litter pick up services throughout the City.

Municipal Solid Waste Collection Services

Residential and designated business solid waste and residential yard waste is collected once each week in Bossier City. Please contact the office with questions regarding your pickup day and holiday schedule changes.


Residences having curbside pickup will be provided with a 96 gallon trash cart on wheels. Please contact the office if you need a trash cart to be delivered or if repairs need to be made to an existing cart. Household garbage and trash must be bagged and containerized in the 96 gallon trash cart. Residents with curbside pickup may request an additional city cart for a charge of $4 per month added to the sanitation portion of their water bill. The monthly charge for curbside pickup is $16 per month billed on the water bill along with a $8 public service fee.
Neighborhood With Trash Receptacles Out
Residences having side yard pickup must provide their own trash receptacles. The city provides curbside pick up of large items, such as an appliances and furniture. Call Solid Waste at least one day before your scheduled pick up day (residential only). 


Commercial locations with city trash pickup must have all garbage containerized in the 96 gallon trash cart provided by the city. Any extra trash or items to large for the cart must be disposed of by the customer. City Ordinance Number 32 of 2007, mandates that waste receptacles and solid waste not be placed on the curb prior to 9 a.m. on day before pickup day and must be removed from the curbside before 9 a.m. on the day after pickup day.

Cart Placement

Trash receptacles should be placed out for pickup at least by 6:30 a.m. on day of scheduled pickup.

Carts should be placed with handles pointing toward the house.