How do I become a Police Officer/FireFighter?

As of August 1, 2020 the Office of State Examiner is responsible for calling for testing, accepting test applications, administering tests  and maintaining a statewide eligibility list for the entry level classes of Firefighter and Police Officer.   In order to apply to take the Firefighter or Police Officer exam in person, the application must be received during the 10-day posting period as reflected on our website at

Entry Level Firefighter Exam

Entry Level Police Officer Exam

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1. Where is the Bossier City Police Department located?
2. How do I become a Police Officer/FireFighter?
3. How do I get a Restraining/Protective Order?
4. How can I get a copy of a report of a crime or accident report?
5. How may I compliment the service of a Bossier City Police Officer?
6. How do I file a complaint against an officer?
7. How can I make the Bossier City Police Department aware of suspected drug activity in a particular area?
8. Who do I call to report the location of a wanted suspect or information about a crime?
9. How can I find out how much a traffic ticket will cost?
10. Where do I pay a traffic fine?
11. If my vehicle was towed, how can I get it back?
12. Where can I find a complete listing of Bossier City Ordinances?
13. How can I hire an off duty officer to provide security for my event?
14. How do I get a permit for a parade or an event that requires streets to be closed?