Packages for Inmates

All items brought to the Bossier City Jail must meet the following criteria or the items will not be accepted. Packages must be in a sack with the inmate's name marked on the outside. All items must be marked with the inmate's name.

All items brought for an inmate, must be a new purchase and are limited to:
  • 1 package of bar soap (may also bring a soap container)
  • 1 bottle of shampoo: Shampoo must be transparent and in a clear container.
  • 1 soft plastic comb or brush: Small in size. The brush must have a rounded handle or no handle. The comb cannot have a handle.
  • 1 deodorant: Must be roll-on or solid. Deodorant must be in a plastic container.
  • 1 toothbrush: Standard plastic handle
  • 1 tube toothpaste: Must be a new tube and in a sealed box.
  • 1 bath towel: White only (marked with inmates' name)
  • Disposable razors: Single bladed disposable razors only. Jail staff will keep the razors secured and issue them as needed.
  • 1 pair soft sole shoes: Tennis shoes, slippers, thongs - The jail does provide inmates with plastic slippers.
  • Writing paper, stamps and envelopes: Wire bound tablets are not acceptable.
  • 1 pen: Must be a ballpoint pen. No markers or pencils will be accepted.


Only underclothes are accepted. No street clothes. In winter months thermal underwear will be accepted.
All clothing must be in original packaging. Loose articles of underclothes will not be accepted.

Male inmates are allowed to accept:
  • 3 pair of under shorts - Plain white only
  • 3 undershirts - Plain white only
  • 3 pair of socks - Plain white only
Female inmates are allowed to accept:
  • 3 pair of panties - Plain white only, no boxers
  • 3 bras - Plain white only
  • 3 pair of socks - Plain white only
  • 1 nightgown - Plain white cotton only
  • Female inmates are not allowed to accept t-shirts.
All items must be labeled with the inmate's name.