Dangerous & Unhealthy Dog Food Treats

Rawhides & Dog Treats

Hooves and other treats are generally not recommended. Most rawhides have chemical that cause cancer .But if you do still want to use them from time to time as a treat it is important that if you do give them that they are of the highest grade and U.S. manufactured. Therefore make sure you buy ones made in the USA and are unbleached. Do not buy the white ones as they are full of chemicals. Good quality rawhide should only get gooey and gum up when chewed, never chip off. If they chip - the chips can get lodged in the little dip in their esophagus and they can choke on that. As many as 40% of all dogs are allergic to cow skin rawhide chews.

Never give your dog cow hooves! They splinter and sharp pieces have killed many dogs. Better alternatives are pig ears, Nylabones, and American made bully sticks - however always be with your pet when they are eating these as there is always a danger of a piece breaking off and splitting. Nylabones are not detectable on an x-ray. Also when giving pigs/cows ears it's best to give basted or natural - not smoked. That puts a carcinogenic coating on it. Unbleached/natural lambs ears are another better choice. Always supervise your pet when chewing these types of things.

Greenies & Other Chew Treats

Greenies are the latest popular treat to become deadly. It is found that they can be slippery and if a piece slides down the throat the dog can die. Also some animals are having problems digesting. For now we recommend you avoid them till further changes are made. Also supervise any chew treats! Also read labels. Many commercial dog treats contain:
  • BHA
  • BHT
  • Corn syrups/sugars that cause cancer
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Propylene glycol
Do not use treats with any of these things!

Safe Alternatives

Kong Toys - the 3 hole Kong Goodie Ships and other stuffable hard rubber toys. Fill them with frozen meat, cheese, and peanut butter for a long lasting safe treat. Also give your dog frozen carrots to naturally clean teeth. Organic carrots are best, if not scrub and wash well and then freeze.

Very bad but not 'dangerous foods and treats include anything with corn syrup** and sugar. Honey and molasses are okay in small doses. Read more on food on the Dog Food Project website. Most treats and food sold in supermarkets are what are making our animals die young and get cancer and diabetes. Read the labels!

Corn Syrup**

When a dog becomes hypoglycemic it's okay to use corn syrup for emergencies - especially for diabetic dogs.
When in doubt check the web and research before giving any food or just avoid it!