Fire Prevention Division


Our mission is to help reduce fire injuries and fire deaths within our community by creating public awareness and providing effective programs in different areas that pertain to fire and life safety.

We accomplish this by presenting effective fire and life safety education programs, conducting effective fire inspections and follow up fire inspections to help minimize fire hazards, and performing final inspections for new construction projects that are built within the city to verify code compliance. We also conduct fire investigations to determine fire cause so we can identify problems and trends that are related to fire causation and assist the public in the areas of fire and life safety.

Our vision is to operate as a team together with the community in order to provide the most professional and efficient customer oriented service possible.


The Fire Prevention Bureau was formally created on July 1, 1973. Since the formal creation of the Fire Prevention Bureau in 1973, the division currently has four employees, which are the Chief of Fire Prevention, the Assistant Chief of Fire prevention, and one Fire Inspector and a Fire Records Clerk.

Prior to the formal creation of the Fire Prevention Bureau in 1973, the fire department allowed a few fire fighters who wanted to perform fire prevention and fire fighter training duties to act as volunteers. They were temporarily assigned to this function of the fire department. It is apparent that this was done as early as the 1930s because some archive inspection forms were found that were titled "Town of Bossier Fire Prevention and Training Division" which date back to that time.

Many of the programs that were created and used in 1973 are still being used today. The division's programs that are currently provided today have continued to grow from the seeds of previous administrations, technology, experience and personnel training that is available to us today.

Areas of Responsibility

Fire prevention is responsible for many different areas as listed.

Public Education Programs

We have established a program that is educating our children concerning fire safety. We go to elementary schools pre K through the fifth grade inside the city limits. We provide the same type of education program at the Bossier Civic Center for the daycare's. All together our school program educates approximately 8,000 children pre Kindergarten through the fifth grade during the month of October alone. (8,000 fluctuates from year to year some years we educate 10,000 children).

Fire Safety Talks

  • We have developed a state of the art fire safety show based on program themes created by the National Fire Protection Association. We have created a state of the art puppet show using fire safety songs, a fire safety movie, an appearance from Freddie, the Fire Truck Robot, and Sparky, the fire dog. The songs include "Don't Play with Matches," "Stop, Drop, and Roll," and "Call it in (911)."
  • We all win when we educate our children concerning fire safety.
  • We also go to many different businesses and civic organizations throughout the year in our community and speak to them concerning fire safety.

Courtesy Home Fire Inspections

When requested by the property owner a fire inspector will inspect the residential property and make recommendations concerning fire safety in the home.

Annual Fire Inspections

  • Indoor uses include concerts, special programs. This material is defined as a class 1.4 explosive.
  • Outdoor fireworks displays are for public viewing outside. This material is defined as a class 1.3 explosive.
  • These inspections are conducted in commercial businesses according to need. The chief of fire prevention establishes the criteria for the inspection format.
  • Review documents and conduct site inspections for indoor use of pyrotechnics, open flames, and outdoor firework displays.

Certificate of Occupancy Inspections for New Businesses Inside City Limits

This is a fire inspection that is required prior to occupancy.

Plan Reviews

Prior to construction and part of the permitting process we review plans for emergency vehicle access and adequate water supplies. The State Fire Marshal reviews the plans for formal code compliance.

New Construction & Final Inspections for New Construction Projects

  • Conducted to ensure compliance with current fire and life safety codes.
  • Inspectors that conduct these inspections are certified by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office as Inspector II. The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's office requires this since we conduct the final inspections within our city that pertain to the plans they have reviewed.
  • The owner of the property or the representative of the owner must call for this inspection (this is usually the contractor or architect).

Fire Investigations to Determine Cause of Fires

All of our employees are certified fire investigators that meet or exceed a national level.

Bomb Squad

  • One of our department's bomb technicians was trained by Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and certified as an Advanced Explosive Investigator.
  • Our department's Bomb Squad assists other agencies when requested and performs special details supporting special events and dignitary visits.
  • Our fire department has four F.B.I. certified bomb technicians, with one in the Fire Prevention Division.

Fire Watch Details

When a fire alarm or sprinkler system has to be shut down for more than 4 hours.

Complaint Investigations Concerning Public Fire Safety

  • All complaints are handled promptly. If complaint deals with critical life safety issues they are handled immediately.
  • From fire department employee that feels there is a public fire safety concern.
  • From the public when they feel there is a fire safety concern.

Burn Permit & Site Inspections

  • Our office prior to any approval of an open land or a large pit burn must conduct a site inspection.
  • There is normally no burning inside of the city limits however there are a few exceptions and a guideline for burning inside of the city limits can be provided.
  • This is normally for land clearing prior to the new construction project being started.

Smoke Detector Installations/Battery Replacements

  • This program was established in 1993.
  • We do not normally install them in rental units. It is the responsibility of the property owner collecting the rent to have and maintain a working smoke detector for the occupants in those properties.
  • When we are contacted we will install a working smoke detector in any home that does not have a working smoke detector.

Fire Safety Talks With Children & Parents

  • After a fire incident has happened and a fire prevention employee requests the parents to bring the child or children involved into our office to speak to them concerning fire safety.
  • As parents or legal guardians contact us and request a talk.
  • Usually a short fire safety video is included.

Additional Responsibilities

  • On call duties before and after normal working hours as required for fire investigations, public fire education programs, and complaints.
  • Provide information to the public and answer questions dealing with fire prevention and the fire service.
  • There is always a Fire Prevention Employee on call at all times. In addition to that the Chief or Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention can also be contacted.

Division Progress

As you can see, Fire Prevention has a lot to accomplish. During 2002 we have re-evaluated the Fire Prevention Bureau and some changes have been made. One of those changes was developing clear directives for the division.

We have also updated forms as well as guidelines that are used. We are constantly evaluating services and making changes in all the areas of our responsibility so that we can continue to be professional, efficient and effective. We welcome you and are thankful for your visit to our website.

Please take a few minutes today to talk to your family concerning fire safety. Remember to check that detector and be fire safe.