Special Operations Division & Safety

Our Special Operations Division is responsible for many of the issues that help make up the diverse response capabilities that the Bossier City Fire Department provides for the public. This division encompasses hazardous materials spill response, high angle and confined space rescue, public safety diving, swift water rescue, and disaster response. Our personnel have received very specialized training from approved agencies using the National Fire Protection Association and Occupational Safety and Health Administration as guidelines. The Special Operations Rescue Team (SORT) has been under development over the last several years and is a result of capability and needs-based assessments performed within the division.
Team Member Saving Person by Water

Hazardous Materials Response Team

Hazardous materials are found in every jurisdiction, community, workplace, and household. In addition to their necessary beneficial uses, many of these materials pose considerable risks to the public and to the environment when spilled or used improperly.
Hazardous Materials Response Team Working by Train
Our hazardous materials personnel are prepared to respond to incidents involving a release of hazardous materials in areas such as treatment plants, and chemical distribution centers, as well as tanker trucks and rail cars that transport chemicals through our community. Emergency response pre-plans have also been developed for several target hazard facilities in our area, and we are continually updating this information.

Our Hazardous Material Response trailer is centrally located in the city and carries a wide variety of response equipment including chemical protective clothing and decontamination supplies. Our team also employs the use of instruments with advanced software and multi-sensor technology, which are capable of identifying many unknown toxic industrial chemicals as well as chemical warfare agents. Many of our Hazardous Material Technicians have also received training provided by The Department of Homeland Security's Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston Alabama regarding WMD (weapons of mass destruction) incidents. All of these tools are an important part of our responsibility to address situations involving hazardous materials safely and effectively. 

Technical Rescue Team

Bossier City's technical rope rescue team has responded on numerous occasions and performed successful rescues in situations involving water towers, wells, and below ground lift stations. These are highly technical skills that require very specialized equipment, and we are committed to maintaining the integrity of these response capabilities.

We are also aware that no community is immune from the destructive forces of nature. Severe storms and tornadoes have the potential to cause damage in almost any community.
Technical Rescue Team Training


Our technical rescue personnel are equipped to respond to these types of events using heavy rescue equipment such as power saws, hydraulic tools, pneumatic shoring devices, electric winches, and search cameras. These tools, along with many techniques used by FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Teams allow us to effectively conduct advanced operations in areas where full or partial collapse of structures may have occurred.

Rescue 1,our heavy rescue vehicle, is located at the central fire station, and carries a full compliment of tools, rescue equipment, and hardware for these special situations.


Currently, 60 of our members have received technical rescue training in varying degrees including Rope Rescue I, Rescue II/Confined Space Rescue Technician, and Trench and Structure Collapse Technician. Our team members attend technical rescue refresher training annually and are tested to meet minimum standards.

Dive Team

The Red River provides us with many unique opportunities for recreation, however we must also be aware of the hazards associated with these activities. Our water response team uses the latest technology in public safety diving equipment, and our training certifications include:
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue/Recovery Diving
  • Full Face Mask Diving
  • Drysuit Diving
  • Blackwater Search Ops
Dive Team Preparing for Dive
Dive Team members also attend regularly scheduled refresher training quarterly to learn new techniques and keep skills sharp. Our Dive/Rescue Boat is a center console Sea Ark with side imaging sonar capabilities and is deployed out of the water response facility located at the Arthur Ray Teague boat launch on the Red River.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope this information helps you to better understand our commitment to serve the community in which we live.