Reserve Police Unit

The Bossier City Police Department Reserve Officer Unit contributes to all operations within the Department. The unit is comprised of men and women who have a strong desire to serve their community. Each Reserve Police Officer serves on a volunteer basis as sworn law enforcement officers who possess the same authority as a regular Police Officer. Bossier City Reserve Police Officers come from an array of professional backgrounds. Members include Barksdale Air Force Base personnel, business people, security personnel, and firefighters. But each shares the commitment and dedication to take on the challenging responsibilities of a Bossier City Reserve Police Officer.


Many citizens who join the BCPD Reserve Police Officer Unit have aspirations of entering a full time career in law enforcement since the program provides valuable experience. In fact several Bossier City Police Officers were once members of the Reserve Police Officer Unit. Along with riding on patrol, Reserve Police Officers assist the Department by providing security during parades, high school sporting activities and other special events. Reserve Police Officers also serve in other activities including sobriety checkpoints, Summer Neighborhood Foot Patrols, various festivals and specialized investigations. Reserve Police Officers may also be called out during emergency situations that require additional law enforcement personnel.
Reserve Officer
Reserve Officers