Home Based Certificate of Occupancy

The Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission allows citizens to use their place of residence for limited non-residential activities while protecting the integrity of its residential districts.

residential activities while protecting the integrity of its residential districts.

A Home Occupation is considered any occupation for gain or support conducted only by members of a family residing in a dwelling and conducted entirely within the dwelling, provided that no article is sold or offered for sale except such as may be produced by members of the family residing in the dwelling and further provided that the occupation is incidental to the residential use of the premises and does not utilize more than 25 percent of the floor area of the dwelling. Home occupations shall include, in general, personal services such as are furnished by a physician, dentist, musician, artist, cosmetician, or seamstress when performed by the person occupying the building as his or her private dwelling, and including the employment of no more than one non-resident employee.

Any Home Based business inside the Metropolitan Planning Commission jurisdiction must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

The Bossier-City Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission has moved to a digital platform for the Certificate of Occupancy Application process. All applications will be required to be submitted electronically by the business owner or a representative. Registration is required to access the self-service portal. Once registered, "Apply" for the appropriate Certificate of Occupancy (Certificate of Occupancy or Home Based Certificate of Occupancy) in the permit category.

For more specific instructions on how to register for access to the Bossier City Self Service Portal, click here. 

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