Legal Department


This Department shall provide legal guidance to the Mayor, City Council and all departments of City government. It shall furnish the City Council, and/or any member thereof, or any board or commission established by this plan of government or by ordinance, a written opinion on any question of law involving their official powers and duties. At the request of any member of the City Council, this department shall prepare ordinances and resolutions for consideration by that body, and shall inform the Mayor of such requested actions prior to City Council agenda meetings. A review and recommendations shall be made on all bonds, deeds, leases, agreements, contracts or other instruments to which the City is a party or in which it has an interest. This department shall also be responsible for representing or supervising representation of the City in all litigation including the prosecution of ordinance violations in the City Court. The City Attorney, within his/her budget, shall be responsible for hiring the legal staff and support personnel necessary to facilitate the duties of this department. The Legal Department shall also be responsible for acquiring and monitoring any outside legal assistance the City may require.